The Country Spirit

The Riverina stretches from the vast expanse of The Hay Plains to the foothills of The Great Dividing Range.

Our home is one of the most productive and agriculturally diverse regions in Australia, and the inspiration for our wonderfully refreshing gin.

  • Rural Australian Gin

    Riverina Gin is a small, family-owned distillery in Borambola, NSW. The country is our home and we're proud to represent and promote rural Australia in everything we do.

    We've lived through droughts, bushfires, floods and everything else in between. The resilience of rural Australians inspires us every day and keeps the Country Spirit alive.

  • Australia's Food Bowl

    Luckily for us, The Riverina is known as Australia's Food Bowl and we have direct access to the most amazing produce, right on our doorstep.

    Our fresh, organic oranges are specially selected and handpicked from the tree. Only the best make the cut and go into our gin, the rest are dried and used for garnish.

  • Provenance

    Riverina Gin is wrapped up in brown paper and tied with twine. Our unique packaging is a humble reminder to support the little guy.

    In a world often dominated by giants, it is crucial to pay homage to the small producers and artisans, for it is their resilience and ingenuity that fuels progress and inspires change.

Riverina Gin Club

The Riverina Gin Club is our way to build our own community and give something back to the good folk that support us; the sort of folk that love nothing more than getting together to have a jolly old time and enjoy some wonderfully refreshing gin.

If that isn't enough to tickle your pickle, how about free gin, free shipping and an invite to the annual Riverina Gin Club Shindig?

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