Riverina Gin Club

Riverina Gin was founded on the promise to make bloody great gin, bring people together and create exceptional experiences for rural communities.

The Riverina Gin Club is our way to build our own community and give something back to the good folk that support us; the sort of folk that love nothing more than getting together to have a jolly old time and enjoy some wonderfully refreshing gin.

One day, many years from now, we’d love to think that we’ll all be standing in our distillery with our gin club friends, looking back and sharing stories on years gone by, remembering the early days of Riverina Gin with a smile on our faces and a gin in our hands.

With your Riverina Gin Club Annual Membership you will receive:

- One of only two hundred memberships.

- Two 700ml bottles of Riverina Gin, delivery is on us.

- Free shipping on all orders, all year.

- An invitation to Riverina Gin Club’s exclusive annual shindig, plus-ones are welcome.

- Riverina Gin cap, scientifically proven to make you feel beautiful and sun safe.

- The heartwarming feeling that you’re genuinely helping a small, family-owned business do what they love.

We’d be delighted if decided to join The Riverina Gin Club and be a part of the journey, wherever it may take us.


Tessa & Jake